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President’s Letter to Cross Oak Ranch Homeowner Association

Published Date: November 14, 2018

For those who are not able to attend the HOA meetings, and those who may not see much of Cross Oak Ranch beyond their route to and from work and shopping, I thought it would be useful to recap some of the improvements that have been made in the community this year, as well as inform you of some of the plans in place for the rest of the year.

The HOA Board accomplishments so far this year:

    • Repaired, replaced and upgraded the water handling equipment at the main pool
    • Resurfaced the main pool
    • Repaired and upgraded some of the deck features at the main pool
    • Established an on-site presence of our management company at the main pool office

    • Replaced fencing at the main pool
    • Removed the illegal speed bumps from our streets
    • Collaborated with our MUD districts to improve the flow of water into the main lake from the ponds between Longhorn and Cheyenne
    • Repaired the erosion damage at the playground on Cross Oak Ranch Boulevard
    • Installed lighting at the Longhorn and Martop Entrance monument / Longhorn gazebo
    • Activated the monument lighting at the Remington entrance
    • Upgraded the lighting at the entrance on Trailblazer and FM720
    • Add bottle-fill capability to the water fountain in the amenity center at the main pool
    • Removed diseased roses at the Longhorn entrance and replaced with drought-tolerant plants
    • Added lighting and electrical outlets to the Remington Park pavilion
    • Enacted a collection strategy that has resulted in 98.84% of 2017 dues and 94.85% of 2018 dues paid so far.
    • Actively engaged with the social committee to increase both the number of events and homeowner participation

The board also has plans in place for the following:

    • Add lighting, electrical outlets, and water access to the pavilion near Longhorn and Bonanza.
    • Add water access to the pavilion in Remington Park.
    • Add lighting, electrical outlets, water acc
    ess and outdoor grill to pavilion on Tannery Lake
    • Provide Wi-Fi access at both pools • Increase security camera coverage at both pools
    • Purchase new pool furniture for the small pool
    • Increase both pool’s filtration capacity to handle peak usage and add automated chemical controllers.
    • Conduct a thorough audit of our finances for the past year
    • Remove the stone fountain structure from the pond at the Longhorn entrance
    • Repair/improve the basketball court near the small pool
    • Resurface the small pool and replace tile and coping

We have also formed a close working relationship with the Municipal Utility Districts (MUD #4 and MUD #5), which have authority and responsibility within our community for water flow and drainage, as well as for the maintenance of our streets and sidewalks.

Based on some of our input, they have provided the following to our community:

    • Street and sidewalk repairs throughout the community
    • Installation of a stop sign at Liberty and Tumbleweed, to increase the safety for children at the elementary school.
    • Installation of a 4-way stop sign at the corner of Corral and Wagon
    • Installation of ‘No Parking’ signs along Cross Oak Ranch Blvd. and Liberty Blvd. to increase visibility of children and better traffic flow at the elementary school
    • Repairs to the fencing along Liberty, north of the elementary school
    • Improved drainage water flow into Tannery Lake from the ponds along Longhorn and Amber Lane
    • They are actively investigating the excess ground moisture on Broken Wheel
    • Installed streetlamps at Remington Park
    • Both districts have reduced taxes, for the second straight year, while increasing homestead exemptions. Homeowners should see this reflected in this year’s tax bill.

The MUD districts also have plans in place to provide the following services in the near future:

    • Undertake aggressive cat-tail mitigation in the area between Tannery Lake and the pond between Longhorn and Cheyenne. This is being undertaken to address the back-up of water in this area during heavy rains that cause flooding in the back yards of homes along Cheyenne.
    • Replace the aeration spray fountain in the pond at the Longhorn entrance with a lighted unit
    • Clean up the pond on Amber to remove much of the new growth and restore the lake view that has been obstructed.
    • Repair settling, potholes and drainage on Crazy Horse Drive
    • Perform lighting audit to identify areas of the community that need additional lampposts and add where necessary
    • Repair concrete, improve drainage and add additional lighting to walking trail to the west of Cross Oak Ranch Elementary

Further, the MUD Districts have pledged $100,000 per year to the HOA for improvements in the community not already covered in our maintenance and operation budget. For this year’s contribution, we have identified the following projects:

    • Level out and regrade Remington Park to eliminate the severe ponding we experience any time there is a heavy rain
    • Install a sand volleyball court at Trailblazer Park
    • Install a basketball court at Remington Park
    • Install playground near the Longhorn gazebo

As you can see, it has been a productive year, and we strive to continually maintain and improve the quality of life for all the residents of Cross Oak Ranch. The community is growing and soon we will see the addition of 45 new homes. We will also regain access to the walking trail to the north and west of Cross Oak Elementary. Please join me in welcoming our new neighbors in the coming years.

If you have input you would like to give the board, please feel free to submit it to us. There are several ways you can do this:

    • Send an e-mail to the board at BoardOfDirectors@CrossOakRanchHOA.com
    • Log into the HOA website at crossoakranchhoa.com and use the links provided in the “CONTACT US” drop-down from the menu bar at the top of the page
    • Drop off your suggestion at the management office in the amenity center next to the main pool
    • Come to a board meeting. They are typically held on the third Tuesday of each month. The time and location for the meeting will be sent out via e-mail at least 72 hour prior to the meeting

Jeff Wilson
Cross Oak Ranch Homeowner’s Association

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Cross Oak Ranch HOA

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