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Pool Opening May 22nd

Published Date: May 22, 2020

The Cross Oak Ranch Board of Directors has made the decision to open the HOA pools in accordance with state and county guidelines. The pool will be open Friday, May 22nd at 10:00 a.m. There are several changes that will be implemented regarding the pools this year that you should be aware of, so please read this email carefully if you mean to visit the pool this season.

    • Pool occupancy will be reduced. – Guidelines currently require that we operate at no more than 25% capacity. We have set the capacity limits to 50 people at the Cross Oak Ranch Blvd pool and 18 people at the Trailblazer pool.

    • The splash pad is closed – Guidelines specifically state that splashpads shall be avoided, so the splash pad will be closed to start the season and may be reconsidered if the rules change.

    • The pool slide is open – This is a high touch item that several parties may use, we encourage those that use this amenity to be aware of the risks regarding COVID transmission and practice social distancing while using the slide. The slide can often have several people on it at one time so we encourage families to speak with children and do your best to keep people separated if possible. If you are concerned about use of this amenity we encourage you to not use it.

    • Swimming time will be limited – Due to reduced capacity and to ensure everyone has an opportunity to use the facility and more safely social distance, the day will be broken up into three hour blocks and homeowner will have the opportunity to swim for the first two and a half hours in each block. The last half hour in each block is for our pool lifeguarding/monitoring partner Bearfoot to clean and sanitize commonly used objects. Swim time in each block is 10:00 – 12:30, 1:00 – 3:30, 4:00 – 6:30, 7:00 – 9:30. It is highly encouraged to make a reservation to hold a place in a swim block

    • Family use only – The pool will only be open to residence of the association and no guests may visit the pool if they do not live within your home.

    • Social Distancing – The pool furniture will be spaced out in groups to accommodate families, if you have a large family please ask a monitor/lifeguard before moving the furniture. Families are also highly encouraged to socially distance from other families while at the pool We will do our best to see that families do not congregate together, but not knowing each family it is impossible to determine who is part of one family and who is part of another.

    • Party reservations are not allowed – Due to reduced capacity and to encourage social distancing, pool party reservations will not be allowed. There will be no exceptions to this rule and if the rule changes the homeowners will be notified.

    • How to enter the pool – During pool cleaning times we expect those that just visited the pool will be leaving the pool for the day, however new arriving families may be waiting during cleaning times for their swim block to open. Congregation within the breezeway will not be allowed. Those waiting are highly advised to wait in your car, or if waiting on the sidewalk we encourage you to distance yourselves from other families. The side walk may be marked to keep families distanced from one another, but depending on the size of the family you may need to further adjust how distanced you are. There is no standard size of a family, so the markings may only be partially relevant. The best practice is to make a reservation and stay in your car until your swim block opens.

    • The office is open – Our office is open but any and all business or communication that can be done over email is highly preferred, and very few interactions may actually need to be done in person. Picking up a pool card or dropping off a check are some of the few things that we expect may require in person interaction, but filling out the paperwork for a pool card can be done over email and sent to Janice so that all you need to do is actually walk in to the office let us know who you are, and we can hand you a card. Any and all other communication should be attempted over email before visiting the office and if an in-office consultation is necessary we would be happy to safely schedule your consultation. Only one person will be allowed in the office at a time, so please do not bring your family to the office when you need assistance. The designated homeowner area of the office will be wiped down and sanitized between visitors and there is a barrier to ensure six foot distance while visiting the office. If a homeowner has a reservation to pick up a card or speak with Janice for a matter and you do not have a reservation, you may be asked to wait in your car until after the scheduled reservation has been addressed, congregating in the breezeway will not be allowed.

    • Pool card activation/deactivation – A while ago an eblast went out informing homeowners that any address that owed a balance would have their card deactivated and encouraged those to make payment arrangements. If you fall within this category you will need to make a payment and have your card reactivated. There are several ways to pay and one of the easiest ways to pay is by dropping off a check at the office. You can email Janice at jgriffin@spectrumam.com to schedule a time to drop off a check and have your card reactivated. Card reactivation is not immediate and can take 24-48 hours, so don’t wait until Friday to make a payment planning on swimming that weekend.

    • Encouraged to disinfect – We will be cleaning chairs and restrooms with a spay and other cleaners. If you are sensitive to commonly used household chemicals then consider this before visiting the pool. We encourage anyone to wipe down your own furniture for additional precautions with standard sanitary wipes, but do not bring your own spray cleaners. Some chemicals may effect the chemistry in the pool if the pool receives to many of those chemicals so a wipe that will dry fast is alright but a spray that may get on your skin and transmit to the pool is not allowed. Our sprays will be specifically approved by our pool cleaning company.

    • The Gym is closed – Though this is not related to the pool, some families come to exercise while others family members swim. This will not be currently allowed. The Gym is closed until further notice. Capacity in the gym would be limited to 1 person in accordance with state guidelines anyway, but furthermore the gym could not be reasonably cleaned between uses.

We hope everyone has a safe and fun summer and understand that some homeowners may be really looking forward to using this amenity while others are concerned about the implications of sharing the amenity with others. Everyone has the right to choose for themselves if they will or will not partake in the use of said amenity, so if you are concerned we encourage you to not use it. We know that this is a very complicated issue, but everyone is responsible for their own health and you can protect yourself by interacting or not interacting with others to the degree that satisfies you and that you are comfortable with.

Cross Oak Ranch HOA

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